ProcurEngine: Making Business Negotiations Sharper and Helping Organisation Improve Profitability

CIO Vendor Markets are changing faster than ever; companies are increasingly reinventing themselves, their products, and processes in order to keep up.

By investing in today's procurement innovations and embracing value creation, one can ensure their procurement strategy is flexible and powerful enough to incorporate and leverage whatever new technologies will define and disrupt the world of procurement in the decades ahead. For procurement teams, this constant innovation redefines how they work with a self-sufficient business that demands speed.

ProcurEngine, powered by AgileApt Solutions, is a cloud-based e-Negotiations platform enabling clients to shift from manual negotiations with vendors to e-negotiations for finalizing their B2B Contracts bringing considerable savings in each negotiation.

"We offer secure and highly effective e-Negotiation platform for eauctions [both reverse and forward], RFQ's, RFI's, vendor qualification supported by workflow-based approvals to fulfill procurement activities at an affordable subscription based pricing. Goal of ProcurEngine is to reduce the cost of doing business, optimize total spend and bringing transparency in procurement processes and help organizations to save up to 15 percent on every negotiation", stated Anupam Aggrwal, Director, ProcurEngine.

Person-dependent negotiations to process-driven e-Negotiations
ProcurEngine provides extremely simple and user-friendly e-procurement solutions and services both for configuration and participation. These services and solutions include e-Negotiations platform, purchase portfolio analysis, negotiation support, consultancy services on e-Negotiations, training & workshop, and vendor discovery. ProcurEngine's services are
entirely secured with a 3-layer protection policy, SSL with EV certification, hosted on Microsoft Azure & comprehensive NDA. There are many unique features to make e-Negotiations as comfortable as manual negotiations yet much more effective and cost-effective.

"For Organizations which have high volume of multi-vendor purchases, negotiations become a critical factor in the managing costs. ProcurEngine helps organizations to shift from person-dependent negotiations to process-driven e-Negotiations. In the short run it helps organizations to achieve 4-17 percent cost reduction and in the long run make the vendor negotiation process transparent and repeatable", added Anupam.

Furthermore, the most difficult parts in adopting e-Negotiations is the complexity of the solution, the cost involved, and the lack of handholding. Unlike other providers, ProcurEngine is an extremely simple to use solution with a very light web application, making the user experience extremely delightful, with complete support to facilitate change-management. One such client is India's leading cement manufacturer who shifted from a complicated and expensive e-Negotiations platform to ProcurEngine and transformed the entire negotiation process spread across three plants and 39 users.

They are pleased with their ProcurEngine experience. Similarly, a chemical plant manufacturing company in western India, which shifted their manual negotiations to e-Negotiations, when switched to ProcurEngine, got substantial savings in their procurements. Now the firm is using e-Negotiations in most of its negotiations. ProcurEngine has an impressive client base coming for Manufacturing Industry, EPCs, Renewable Energy, Realty, Specialty Films, Equipment Manufacturers etc.

ProcurEngine works very closely with its customers. Based on their feedback and experience, the company continuously enhances its functionalities without compromising its simplicity, effectiveness, and interface. Moreover, in the future, ProcurEngine hopes to make manual B2B negotiations redundant from the industry. The company is working toward to optimize team performance, increase productivity and bring transparency in procurement processes.